Dr. Thousif Pasha Meets Bageshwar Dham’s Peethadhishwar in Dubai

Bageshwar Dham’s Peethadhishwar, Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, recently visited Dubai, invited by His Excellency Dr. Bu Abdullah. During his visit, he was full of praise for the city, describing Dubai as “the safest and most naturally beautiful country in the world.”
Dubai is a shining example of modern development blended seamlessly with cultural heritage. The hospitality and warmth of its people are truly exceptional.

Dr. Thousif Pasha had the honor of meeting Dhirendra Krishna Shastri during his stay. Reflecting on the encounter, Dr. Pasha remarked, “It was really nice to meet such a motivational personality.”

The visit highlighted Dubai’s appeal as a city that attracts and impresses influential figures from around the world, fostering connections and inspiring conversations.

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