Perfect Premiere League Grand Launch in Dubai, Unveils Teams, Sponsors, and Media Partners

Dubai, UAE – January 26, 2024— The Perfect Premiere League (PPL) embarked on its journey to cricketing greatness with a spectacular launch ceremony and press conference held at the Movenpick Hotel in Dubai on January 26th. The event, attended by team captains, managers, sponsors, and esteemed media partners, was a resounding success, setting the stage for an exciting cricket league set to kick off on January 29th and conclude with a thrilling final on February 11th.

Key Highlights from the Launch Ceremony:
Trophy and Kit Reveal:
Attendees were treated to the exciting unveiling of the league trophy and team kits, combining tradition and innovation to represent the identity of each team.
Team Draws: The draw ceremony determined the group placements for the eight dynamic teams, setting the stage for thrilling encounters throughout the league.
Media Interaction: Team captains, managers, and sponsors engaged in an interactive session with the media, sharing insights, aspirations, and expectations for the upcoming league. The event concluded with a delightful dinner, fostering connections and camaraderie among team representatives, sponsors, and media partners.
“We are thrilled to present the diverse and competitive teams that make up the Perfect Premiere League. This league is not just about cricket; it’s a celebration of community, talent, and sportsmanship.” – Yasmin Kanwal, CEO PPL.
“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors and media partners for joining us in this exciting venture. Together, we are poised to create a cricketing spectacle that resonates far beyond the boundaries of the field.” – Maqbool Ahmad Anjum, Chairman PPL.

Sponsors Speeches:
Dr. Mehmood Khan, MD of Peshawar Medical Center, highlighted the relationship between health and sports. They sponsored the Perfect Premiere League to promote community fitness and encourage an active lifestyle. Mr. Abdul Rauf Chaudry, Operations Manager of Alpha Luxury Limousines, shared the
company’s vision for fitness. According to him, the league aligns with their commitment to supporting healthy activities, reflecting their dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Mr. Bilal from AAA Fair deal focused on their historical involvement in sports. He said that sponsoring the league is a natural extension of their support for community development through sports, reinforcing their commitment to the local sports landscape.

Sponsors: Perfect Premiere League proudly announced its esteemed sponsors, who play a pivotal role in supporting community-driven sports. The sponsors include Alpha Luxury Limousines, Mike N Dad, Sparkle Metal, Peshawar Medical Centre, Park View City, AAA Fair Deal, Al Ain Dairy, Cakewalk, Cakes & Bakes, Al Siraj Perfumes, Zeizzo, Baavee World and High Trading LLC.
Media Partners: The league is excited to collaborate with prominent media partners, ensuring extensive coverage and engagement. The media partners are Khaleej Times, 92 News Tv, Aaj News TV, Janib E Manzil News, Discover Pakistan TV, Pardais News, Bol India News, NNN News, SRY NEWS, Biz Today News, Haqiaq News, CBH Times, Sindh TV, Gulf Time, The Financial Daily, News Time HD, Rayz News TV, Awaz Tv HD, Global Voice TV International, Baavee Media, Hot News hd, Dubai Media, Pakistani Voice in UAE and Zamana News.

Join the Perfect Premiere League: Cricket enthusiasts, sponsors, and media partners are invited to join the Perfect Premiere League, where competitive cricket, community spirit, and sportsmanship take center stage.
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