Global Mathematical Brilliance Illuminates the International Mind Maths Competition Award Ceremony 2023

Dubai, October 28, 2023 – organised by Urwashi Abacus Academy and Ayesha Shaik Edtech Services

The stage was set, and the atmosphere was electric as the International Mind Maths Competition Award Ceremony unfolded on the evening of October 28th, 2023. Organized by the Urwashi Abacus Academy and powered by Ayesha Shaik Edtech Services, the prestigious event took place at the Glendale International School in Oud Mehta, Dubai. It brought together over 550 participants from around the world, both online and offline, all competing for recognition in the realm of mental mathematics.

The event’s highlight was the presence of a distinguished VVIP guest, Shri. Bijender Singh, the Consul (Consular) from the Consulate General of India in Dubai. His attendance added an extra layer of prestige to the competition, and his inspiring words resonated with the young mathematicians who had gathered to display their exceptional talents.

This competition served as a testament to the transformative power of mathematics in shaping young minds, fostering intellectual curiosity, and fueling innovation. Participants, representing a diverse range of nations, showcased remarkable mathematical aptitude across a variety of categories. The event stood as a true celebration of their dedication and hard work.

The founders of the Urwashi Abacus Academy and Ayesha Shaik Edtech Services, Ms. Urwashi and Ms. Ayesha Shaik expressed their delight at the event’s success. They emphasized the pivotal role of mathematics in nurturing young minds and preparing them for an ever-evolving world. The organizers extended their heartfelt gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and partners for their contributions to the event’s resounding success.

Notable figures from various fields graced the occasion as special guests, including:

Ms. Vishakha Verma: Director and Founder of Vishakha’s Dance & Music Institute

Mr. Ahmed Al Awadhi: Emirati Rukni Artist

Ahmed Al Hosani: UAE’s 1st Emirati Classical Singer

Ms. Reema Mahajan: Founder of IWD

Ms. Veena Uttamchandani: Founder of Rising Stars

The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the winners of the International Mind Maths Competition 2023. Participants displayed their exceptional skills in various categories, and the results were as follows:

Level 1 Juniors:

Shanaya Sharma – 1st Runner Up

Kahaan Ankit Shukla – 1st Runner Up

Shlok Prasanth Nambiar – CHAMPION

Insiyah Hatim Lakdawala – CHAMPION

Joshua Michael Dsouza – CHAMPION

Kanika Kiran Lagle – CHAMPION

Sanaya Haseeb Mahmood – CHAMPION

Devyaan Kukreja – CHAMPION

Anaika Gupta – CHAMPION, Star Performer

Level 1 Seniors:

Armaan Intikhab Sable – 1st Runner Up

Anaya Mehul Shah – CHAMPION

Nayra Chowdhury – CHAMPION

Aanya Mehul Shah – CHAMPION

Vani Nilesh Doshi – CHAMPION

Zahra Hatim Lakdawala – CHAMPION

Sherwin Joel Redla – CHAMPION

Jared Kollamana Jem – CHAMPION

Neel Kedari – CHAMPION

Praneet Yatin Bantvala – CHAMPION

Dhruv Gupta – CHAMPION

Intermediate Level:

Dhiyan Hardik Shah – 1st Runner Up

Mahira Moazzam – CHAMPION

Anaisha Gade – CHAMPION

Hamna Farisha – CHAMPION

Krisha Kothari – CHAMPION

Riyanshi Ruhela – CHAMPION

Advanced Level:

Safura Moazzam – CHAMPION

Tanishka Jagdish Shetty – CHAMPION

Participants from other countries showcased their remarkable talents as well:

Level 1 Juniors:

Aarshabh Thapa – Germany – CHAMPION

Jigyasa Agarwal – India – CHAMPION

Aarvi Aggrawal – India – CHAMPION

Karamveer Ahluwalia – India – 1st Runner Up

Level 1 Seniors:

Savreen Kaur – India – CHAMPION

Pihu Agarwal – India – CHAMPION

Master Divam Rakhecha – Nepal – CHAMPION

Aum Akshay Shah – India – CHAMPION

Ikshaan Singh – India – CHAMPION

Intermediate Level:

Nysa Nihalani – India – 2nd Runner Up

Shreyansh Gaur – Ireland – 1st Runner Up

Advika Khetarpal – India – CHAMPION

Sia Verma – Ireland – CHAMPION

Samrath Kaur – India – CHAMPION

Advanced Level:

Tanush Nihalani – India – 1st Runner Up

Arisha Fatma – India – CHAMPION

In addition to these, over 100 students participated from Catlyser Abacus Academy in India.

The success of the event was made possible through the generous support of several partners, including:

Glendale International School – Dubai

Gaia Health Care

Vishakha’s Dance

Ekta Photography

Riviere Water

The Dubai Events

CBH Times

Mumbai Aroma Restaurant

Catlyser Abacus Academy – Madhya Pradesh, India

The International Mind Maths Competition Award Ceremony stood as a testament to the global reach of mathematics as a unifying force. It celebrated the dedication of young mathematicians who are paving the way for a future relying on intellect, innovation, and the limitless possibilities offered by mathematics. The event was a resounding success and will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of mathematical talent worldwide.

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