Nayra Chowdhury Emerges as Champion in 2023 Mind Maths Competition

Six-year-old Nayra Chowdhury, a student at Gems Our Own English High School, Dubai, has showcased her extraordinary mathematical skills by winning the champion trophy in the senior-level Mind Maths competition organized by Urwashi Abacus Academy and powered by Ayesha Shaik EdTech Services.

The competition’s prize distribution event, held on the 28th of October, was indeed a mega event. It was graced by the presence of the VVIP guest, Mr. Bijender Singh Ji, the Consul, ( Consular) Consulate General of India. This prestigious event wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated efforts of Ms. Ayesha Shaik Founder/Director of Ayesha Shaik edtech services and Urwashi Pamnani Founder of Urwashi Abacus Academy who worked tirelessly to make this day memorable for all the participants.

Nayra’s perfect score of 100% impressed everyone in attendance. Children also participated from various countries, including India, Germany, Nepal, the UAE, and Ireland.

Nayra’s remarkable achievement at such a young age has drawn well-deserved praise from her family, school, and community. Her dedication and talent serve as an inspiration for young students, emphasizing the potential they hold.

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