Joint cooperation between Target Plus and Impero Milano

Atlantis Dubai launches Impero Investment in the world of investment and economics

Mounes Al Khatib, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Target Plus, and Mohamed Ramadan, CEO of the Italian company Impero Milano, signed a joint cooperation memorandum, which contributed to the establishment of a new economic entity from the heart of Dubai under the name of Impero Investment Dubai, which specializes in many areas of investment in various countries of the world.

This came during the ceremony held yesterday at the Atlantis Hotel Dubai, organized by Impero Events and Havers Dubai, in the presence of Jacqueline Micol, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Republic of Congo Brazzaville, His Excellency Kelsie Finocchiara, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to the UAE, His Excellency Babacar Ndiaye, Ambassador of the Republic of Senegal to the UAE, His Excellency Diabaye Fakaba, Ambassador of the Republic of Ivory Coast to the UAE, and His Excellency Khalid Ben Sheikh, Consul of the Kingdom of Morocco in Dubai, in addition to many influential figures in the world of economics and investment. For his part, Mounes Al Khatib appreciated the joint cooperation step with Impero Milano Company in order to give birth to a giant company and a new economic entity under the name of Impero Investment Dubai Company, a step that will result in many projects and multiple investments in various fields that will greatly contribute to a better economic future between two of the best economic entities in the United Arab Emirates and Italy, indicating that the start is from the heart. 

The United Arab Emirates, specifically the Emirate of Dubai, has greatly contributed to the success of the experiment, especially with the great name and good reputation that the UAE enjoys in providing everything necessary for pioneering economic steps and investments in various fields and mindsets that realize the value of these experiences and then their ability to create a huge economic boom, which contributes to improving the financial infrastructure and strengthening the economy in its various sectors. In turn, Mohamed Ramadan confirmed that there is a map for all means of cooperation between Target Plus and Impero Italia companies to ensure leadership and the best results in the world of finance and business in the future, appreciating the wonderful professional approach followed by the two companies in bringing viewpoints closer together for the launch of Impero Investment Dubai, which indicates the precious mutual trust between all parties, and this matter ensures proceeding with steady steps in the field of economy and investments. For his part, Ahmed Bahjat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Impero Events, said that the event witnessed the presence of giant economic entities that came to Dubai for an investment launch that tours the whole world, explaining that the coming period will witness more major economic events and activities within the Emirates and many countries of the world.

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