Anaika Gupta Shines Bright at Age 5 – Star Performer of the 2023 Mind Maths Championship

In a spectacular showcase of numerical brilliance, five-year-old Anaika Gupta has emerged as the star performer of the Mind Maths Championship organized by Urwashi Abacus Academy and powered by Ayesha Shaik EdTech Services.

The prestigious prize distribution ceremony, held on the 28th of October, was graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Bijender Singh Ji, the Consul, Consulate General of India, adding an extra layer of honor to the event. The success of this extraordinary competition is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Ms. Ayesha Shaik, Founder/Director of Ayesha Shaik EdTech Services, and Urwashi Pamnani, Founder of Urwashi Abacus Academy, who worked tirelessly to create an enriching experience for all participants.

Anaika’s exceptional achievement, coupled with her tender age of five, has made her the true champion of the event. Her stellar performance captivated the audience, showcasing not only her remarkable mathematical skills but also her undeniable potential as one of the participants in the championship.

Anaika’s triumph is a testament to the inclusive nature of the competition, proving that age is no barrier to excellence. Her accomplishment has undoubtedly earned admiration from her family, school (Gems Modern Academy), and the wider community, setting an inspiring example for other young minds to follow. The Mind Maths Championship has truly found a prodigious star in Anaika Gupta.

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